Bill Maher: America is Stupid

Bill Maher is a disgusting human being, ok that may be a stretch to call this slug a human. He says America is stupid, he is sort of right there, the people that watch this bozo, spend money for his shows , they are truly stupid. One of the funniest parts of his little hate speech is where he said the same stupid people who watch him recently elected a brilliant president, once again proving he is correct, there are stupid people here, but we are not stupid country. You really have to wonder how stupid people are that would think Maher is the least bit funny or insightful. As a actually funny comedian would say, “Here’s your sign.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Bill Maher Is an asshole If he hates it so much here why doesn’t he get out and move to Iran or somplace and see how much he like it there. People like him make me sick. He is just another self hating liberal american has no facts or proof only lies. What an ignorant asshole. The only stupid people in this country are the people who watch him and believe his ideas.

  2. ZippyTheWerewolf

    I’m an Northeast Coaster from a very Democratic State but I am not one of them. Bill Maher was never really my cup o’ joe, his arrogance and liberal filth that he proclaims just shows what a jerk he is. Just read an article where he is slobbering over Obama. It makes me think ‘Return of the Body Snatchers’ but instead of Pods it’s Kool Aid. But anyway, just for the record, Bill Maher is big fat arrogant asshat (trying to keep it clean)! BTW have you read Bernie Goldbergs book, ‘The Slobbering Love Affair Starring Barrack Obama’? It’s an easy ready and enlightening to say the least.

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