How Did This Happen

Last night showed that Barack Obama is not capable of being a leader of the greatest country on earth. For 50 minutes he talked in circles saying nothing new and not offering any kind of real explanation to his health care plan. He took softball questions from a glassy eyed press corp that allowed him to skip over specifics.

But we have become accustomed to his press conferences where he uses a lot of work and says little to nothing during that time.

What really brought out his weakness was the statement,

“Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof he was in own home,”

Here is a man who said he did not know the facts, was not there and yet determined that the police acted STUPID, are you KIDDING? You are the president, you are suppose to represent the people of the United States, but what we saw last night was a man who still has the skills to only be a community organizer, a man who does not understand the job he was elected to and the responsibility of that job that the people elected him to.

A man who understands what being president means would have just answered, what was a asinine question to begin with to ask a president, with a simple, “that is a local issue and we should just see how it works out.” But not this guy, it gave him an opportunity to play the Democratic race issue that is so popular with the party who needs racial divide in order to hold power, it gave him an opportunity to once again point out a fault in America, it gave him an opportunity to disrespect the men and women who put their lives on line everyday.

It’s sad to see what this man has dome to America in such a short time, from his early “America Sucks Tour” that he had when elected to his lack of respect he shows to the American people, it just makes you wonder what we will be like when he is voted out of office in 2012.


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