Around The Horn

It has been a busy few days for the people in DC. We have had this dog and pony show hearings going on for a very unqualified person for the Supreme Court. On one side you have the Democrats with fools like Al Franken asking tough questions like, “Can you name a case that Perry Mason lost?” Or when another senator asked her if she watched the all-star game, just riveting these Democrats were.

Of course when the Republicans got around to asking questions she often retreated and tapped dance around giving any type of real answers, she knows she cannot show her real stand on issues this early on. It is clear she will be an activist judge who will not rule by the law but by personal agenda.

While this is going on in congress we have the president pushing hard to get his socialized medicine plane through. He is using the distraction of the hearings to try and ram a bill down the throats of the American people that is going to destroy business, destroy insurance and destroy the best health care system in this country. The plan that is now coming out of DC will force people to have insurance, if they do not carry insurance they will be fined, can someone please tell me how this is not socialism? They also are going to tax business who provide health insurance to employees, that is a brilliant move to eventually get more and more people out of private insurance and into a government run health care program, that way YOU no longer will have a choice for health care the government will decide what type of treatment they believe you would need and also if you really are in need of treatment. As they still have no clue as to how they will pay for this disaster one thing you can truly count on is that they are going to punish people who have been successful. That is the other end of this socialized medicine program, because they are  going to have to raise taxes on people to cover everyone they are going to create a society where they will be no reason to better ones self. Why would a person work their asses off to make a comfortable lifestyle for them and their family only to see the government tax them 50 to 65% on their income?

The Obama administration has been from day one a administration to tear down the free market, take control as much of your life as possible and create a nanny state for the majority of the country. This horrible health care plan will quickly move us into that direction.

Then we have President Obamas war in Afghanistan, this has been a horrible month for American lives lost there, remember how the antiwar people would be up in arms screaming, protesting, demanding we get out of Iraq now when George Bush was in office? Where are these people now? Where is the rage and hate we saw for war back when President Bush was in office? Why are there not protest in cities and towns all around America like the media would show on a daily basis? The answer is a simple one, it was never about the war and loss of life, it was all about their dislike for President Bush, now that they have their guy in the White House they don’t care about war, they don’t care about loss of life, they never did. The antiwar people were phonies from the beginning, hypocrites for their fake stand on the issue and people of no moral values.


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