How Quickly They Are Turning

It has been a head spinning week. A memorial to a very talented however sick individual. A meeting of the US President in Russia with people who he was confused was the real president of that country. Talk of a new stimulus, talk of no way another stimulus. The vice president saying Israel has a right to attack Iran, a president who said they do not have that right…….ah yes just another typical week of confusion and frustration  in America.

What has been amazing is the number of blog postings on the left that express frustration and downright defeat regarding their president.

For example Ted Rall had this to say:

I haven’t forgiven George W. Bush for stealing two elections, starting two wars, bankrupting the treasury and doing his damnedest to turn the U.S. into a fascist state. He deserves one of hell’s hottest picnic spots for refusing to lift a finger to bring the 9/11 murderers to justice. Bush was stupid. He was vicious. He should be in prison.

He was the worst president the U.S. had ever had. Until this one.

Another blogger kayinmaine said:

President Obama has said a few times since being sworn in in January that if he only served one term he will be fine, because no matter how long he is in office, he wants to be able to affect change. It’s his goal. Has he succeeded in doing this so far? Nope.

There have been post by the Kos Kiddies ripping the administration, the fools at the DU have been in their normal meltdown state because he is not moving the liberal agenda fast enough and even rumblings at the Huffingtoon Composte.

This has got to be a record for the quickest “nail in the coffin” moment ever for a president in this country. What is so amazing is that President Obama has Congress in his back pocket and yet they continue to stumble and bumble along, adrift without a real plan and desperate that something will show they have some type of grip on the #1 issue right now in America, the economy.

To have your vice president announce that they were not ready for how bad the crisis really was speaks volumes as to how incompetent they all really are. They came out of the gate with this unbelievable stimulus package announcing they can save millions of jobs by spending billions of dollars. Most thinking people know you always check  how deep the water was  before they jumped feet first into the river, where was the common sense from this administration?

Unless this administration finds a way to slow down the train wreck they are creating this administration could become the quickest lame duck administration ever and what is amazing about it, is it’s his own party turning on him.

As Mr. Rall concluded in his article:

Obama has done more damage than Bush. And no one’s stopping him. Which makes him worse.

Sorry, Mr. Bush. If I’d known what was coming, I would’ve been nicer.



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