The Hate of The Left

The hate from the left wing people in this country has been amazing. In a time we have a president ruing the economy of our country, trying to turn us into a socialist state of nanny dependent drooling idiots, the mentally disturbed bloggers of the left have had a gigantic meltdown because Sarah Palin had resigned as governor! OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING I GUESS!

These half brain dimwits are getting what the wanted Sarah out of public office, they hated her as governor and now that she is stepping down all of the childish antics are reversing themselves.

You can go from site to site on the left and see the hate and venom these half for a women who has more credibility and class then any of the hags you see poking their heads out of the sewer of the left.

You have the Huffingtoon Composte filled with hate. You have some unknown bimbo in Alaska Shannyn Moore having a meltdown. You even get little know nothing blogs run by odd little men who use phony names like dekerivers posting hate and lies. They scream of FREE SPEECH but yet will censor when they disapprove of the message.

It’s sad that the left in this country are so small and petty. That they have to attack a wonderful women and her family in order to make themselves feel important. But I guess they need to keep the focus off the failed administration even Joe Biden today said the administration has failed on the economy. Obama has no chance of being elected for a second term so all the haters on the left have left is to discredit anyone who will displace the failed president Obama.


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