Diamond Jim Doyle

Gov. Jim Doyle’s travel records show the governor and his staff failed to properly account for 145 travel expenses over two years, according to a newspaper report published today.

The report, a collaboration between the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism and a University of Wisconsin-Madison journalism class, said Doyle and his staff did not supply travel receipts nearly 75 percent of the time in 2007 and 2008.

Doyle’s travel expenses that came without receipts included a $5,200 business-class flight to Ireland, a $654-a-night stay in a London hotel and more than $1,500 on two chauffeured vehicles in Canada.

The report did not call into question the legality of the trips, but said the Democratic governor and his staff failed to follow state rules when it comes to documenting the expenses. State policy requires employees to provide receipts for purchases made with their state-issued credit cards for flights, hotels and other expenses.

But Susan Goodwin, Doyle’s chief of staff, said the governor’s office acted appropriately in all cases. And she said the governor won’t change how he tracks travel expenses.

Someone needs to slap Susie back to reality, of course he did something wrong HE DID NOT FOLLOW THE RULES you dumb bimbo!


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