It Has Become Epidemic

The hate we so often see from the left has become a daily occurrence. The recent attacks by  the hateful Bill Maher, the unhinged Keith Olbermann, the disgraceful Joy Baher among many others have reached epidemic proportions.

But the latest cheap shot by the hack David Letterman is just an unbelievable low even for the left. By now everyone has heard what this human slug said making a joke about sexual assaulting a 14 year old child. He also made a rude comment about the child’s mother, while tasteless and typical for the leftwing, she is an adult and can handle herself, but to laugh about raping a 14 year old is just disgutsing.

Of course all of the Obamabots are defending this idiot trying to spin it and say it was taken out of context, blah, blah, blah……

Could you imagine if a conservative had said something like this? The Obama run media would be screaming for the persons head! They would be demanding he be removed from the air. But the media in this country will always turn their back on hate from liberals as they will always approve.

I have a question ….. is this really a First Lady or someone just auditioning for a position as a clown in a circus with this outfit? All in good fun right libs?

Americas First Clown?


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