Cut His Mic

You just have to love the drones on Obamas MSNBC network. This morning they had some windbag by the name of Donny Deutsch and the “I got My Money by sleeping with gay guys” Arianna Huffington. The discussion was about the hateful attack by Letterman, but as usual these two dimwits made it all about Sarah Palin and how evil she is and how awful a  parent she is, just ths usual Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome we get from the pussheads at MSNBC. Then is a surprising move host Mika Brzezinsk actual had positive comments about Sarah and of course this did not set well with the two pinheads who were there to bash her. But the best moment came after little Donny spent a unusual amount of time defending the pig Letterman and trying to say it was not about the 14 year  old daughter but Sarahs 18 year old daughter.

Willie Geist the other host of the show pointed out that the 18 year was not at the game it was the 14 year old. Donny mumbles and stumbles and then says, “yeah but……” what a moron!

But the best moment of the day was when Contessa Brewer had John Ziegler on and she was hoping against hope to back him into a  corner as she was again defending Letterman. After about 4 minutes of trying to spin the discussion she got flustered and yelled, “cut off his mic”! A classic MSNBC moment!

MSNBC has been in the tank for Obama since last year and their credability has gone completly out the window because of their far left leanings, but the entertainment they provide trying to act like a real news network makes for some of the funniest and laughable moments on tv these days.


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