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I recently received an email asking if I had stopped blogging. No I am still here just went on vacation to Florida and was suffering from Obama burnout.

It had been two years since I had taken a vacation and decided that the time was right to do so. One of the stops I made was at the Birmingham(AL) Civil Rights Institute. What a inspiring facility it is. From the opening video explaining the history of that beautiful city to the history of a sad and disturbing time in this countries history. This is a place that everyone should take time to visit.

As for what is currently happening, it is sad to see how quickly the President has turned this country into what many of us expected he was going to do. His march to make this country dependent on a government nanny state has been quick and steady. His need to repay those who help him get elected has been swift and costly for America.

We have North Korea testing this administration, we have a Supreme Court appointee who makes racially charged statements, believes that judges set laws and sees the Constituting as a hindrance for the advancement to non white males. If this had been a Republican appointee they would be screaming what a horrible choice she is. Supreme Court justices should not just be chosen because of race and sex and it is clear that are the first qualifications and the most importance ones that President Obama made his decision on.

The reality we are facing is that until at least 2010, President Obama and the Democrats in congress are going to reshape America. Their vision is not the vision that is in Americas best interest, their vision is a country on dependency of government, a country of racial divide portrays success as evil and failure as the fault of failed Bush policies, a country that will stand up for itself in the world community only if we have the approval of the world to do what we believe is in our best interest. This administration is all about image, that the image of the administration is untarnished in anything negative, that the president comes across as thoughtful and open minded. If that means America needs to take a backseat to protect his image here and abroad, they will have no qualms in making those decisions. For the next 3 years America’s image is going to be not as a world leader, but a follower. Our fate will decided by opinion polls and decisions will be made to how other nations will perceive America.


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