Where Is My Country

Where has my country gone? We now live in a country where the administration is making apologies to communist countries, Islamic radicals, and leaders who accuse America for all of the problems in the world. But yet when it comes to their own people, we are called arrogant, they are put on watch list because we disagree with the direction the country is being taken. We see this administration label service men and women as more dangerous than Islamic terrorist, while they attempt to open communications with terrorist groups, they find it necessary to spy on American citizens. They think that people who speak against out of control taxation are un-American.

Why are liberals threatened by free speech? Why are they afraid of people who have opposing views? Is it possibly because they know the dog and pony show they are currently running is eventually going to collapse and fail?

What has happened in three short months is sad, what will happen the next three years should scare every American as this current administration seems to be moving to taking away the rights of the people and turn us into the socialist countries they seem to admire. Will we ever see another fair election for president or will we get the Hugo Chavez elections?

Where is MY AMERICA?


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