Now He Is Showing Us How It’s Done

The libs use to piss and moan that America is going it alone on the Overseas Contingency Operation, formerly known as the war on terror, which the Obama administration stopped using because they felt it had inflammatory connotations in the Muslim world. They all said just wait until Obama gets in, he will show people how to work with other countries and get the support we should have in fighting the Overseas Contingency Operation. Well this week President Obama was in Europe to line up all kind of new help and lets just see how things went shall we!

Barack Obama made an impassioned plea to America’s allies to send more troops to Afghanistan, warning that failure to do so would leave Europe vulnerable to more terrorist atrocities. But though he continued to dazzle Europeans on his debut international tour, the Continent’s leaders turned their backs on the US President. Gordon Brown was the only one to offer substantial help. He offered to send several hundred extra British soldiers to provide security during the August election, but even that fell short of the thousands of combat troops that the US was hoping to prise from the Prime Minister.

OUCH! Looks like it’s not as simple as the libs think it is to get help…..maybe if Obama passed out a few more ipods he could get a little more help, its clear his charisma that so many people are in love with here does not work so well in the real world.


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