Goodbye GM

The President said he does not want to own GM and actually has no plans on owning the company…..but yet……

1. He fired the CEO
2. He is backing the warranties
3. He did a commercial for GM talking about quality and on and on. What Ford is NOT quality?

Now he says HIS people have identified the cars people will want. Does anyone believe the NEW GM will have trucks and SUVS? Or do you think this is going to be the puddle-jumpers that the “green” people want for America.

How long AFTER the Obama GM company starts to produce these puddle-jumpers do you think it will take GM to fold as people are not interested in these type of cars.

Possible the dumbest thing he did today was announce to FIAT we know you were in negotiations to buy Chrysler but hang on. Now that I have given them thirty days to work out an agreement with them, you can get a real good deal in 31 days. Why negotiate when you can just wait for me to put them into bankruptcy.

Well now that he has that dirty job out of the way it’s time to load the 500+ people he needs at the G20 summit in London onto a few planes and get busy over there. No job crisis in government these days.days.


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  1. Amen to that. Government is about the only place THAT IS HIRING these days and now we know why. He is doing everything humanly possible to guarantee that GM sinks. APPALLING!!!

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