Pelosi Is A Disgrace

Queen Nancy has done a number of things to hurt America in recent months. The old bat thinks she has some right to shove her carp down the throats of REAL AMERICA. America are not the freaks who live on the east coast and the west coast but the people in the middle of America who work hard and still raise families with morals and values.

But this time she has crossed the line. She recently told a group of illegal immigrants and their families that enforcement of existing immigration laws, as currently practiced, is “un-American.” EXCUSE me, what is UN-AMERICAN about ENFORCING the LAWS of the country. What is UN-AMERICAN is a politician who would support lawbreakers.

The west coast witch, spent time condemning raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, referred to the illegal immigrants she was addressing as “very, very patriotic.” How in the hell could people who have no right to be in this country be PATRIOTIC? Is this women going brain-dead or is just feeling that pandering to ILLEGALS is what is in the BEST interest of America?

It’s time that people like Pelosi understand that while America WELCOMES immigration, America does not WELCOME the illegal invasion that too many politicians on the left ignore and even encourage.

STOP pandering to illegals Nancy and start representing the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.


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