Such Hypocrites

You may have heard about a little skirmish with President Obama, his supporters and the MSM, who do not like talk radio because is does not jump up and down all excited about the plans of this administration to turn this country into a country that Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro would be proud of.

The main target so far has been Rush Limbaugh, why, because he is popular. He has an audience that most of the Obama Media can only dream of.

Take for example the Obama Cheerleader Network, MSNBC! A far left network that has never found a story about Obama that they could not put a positive spin on. They have some of the most bias anchors and reporters you will find anywhere. Two in particular Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow make no effort to hide their hate for anything conservative and their desire for a far left radical agenda to over run this country.

Every night Olbermann goes on a blood vessel rampage against anyone who may say anything less that adoration against his hero Barack Obama. He spits, and yells and has a tangent that any three year old would be proud of. Do you ever hear anyone complain about his ones sided view of the world on his show every day, not a peep. You don’t Here Queen Nancy or King Harry say one peep about this unbalanced commentators attack on America. But let Rush or Sean or any of the conservative talk show people say something against the president and they are looking for a way to make their shows “balanced.”

Then you have Rachel Maddow, last week she was on the Tonight Show. When asked about Rush Limbaugh, she said

it’s ok to oppose Obama’s socialist agenda before it passes, but once it becomes law, Limbaugh should get behind it

What is really odd about that is during the Bush administration, was that her approach to the Iraq war?

Like I said the left is full of hypocrites and MSNBC seems to have the market cornered with them.


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  1. You might want to check your facts. President Obama’s popularity is at 64%, Limbaugh’s is at less than 20%

    Want to learn more truth?


    Michael Kontras

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