The President Continues On The Job Training

We all knew he had a huge learning curve and was going to stumble a lot, but today he was schooled big time.

Apparently the President was willing to play appeaser for Russia. They have been po’d about the missile defense system that President Bush was going to deploy, so good old Obama decides, hey if we don’t deploy those evil missiles would you be willing to help us with Iran?


Russian President Dmitri Medvedev on Tuesday showed willingness to discuss the US-planned missile defence system opposed by Moscow, but without ‘haggling’ linking it to Iran.

Medvedev was commenting during a visit to Spain on an alleged offer by US President Barack Obama to halt the defence system if Iran could be convinced to give up nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

So basically what the President may or may not have learned here is that the world is not going to play his game of we give you this I give you that. Maybe as a community organizer that works, but not when you are playing with the big boys.


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