They Keep Running Scared

So on Tuesday President Obama went before the cameras to try a different approach from the doom and gloom he has been using on the American people. I really don’t know what was more amazing, the soon to be 69 year old Nancy Pelosi who looked like Tigger the way she would jump up everytime she would hear Obama mention another spending idea or the reaction of the Obama media to Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana’s response. The governor must have done something right if you judge it by the way the LEFT WING MEDIA and the OBAMA stormtroopers have been out in force since his speech.

Lets see what we have been hearing since Tuesday. Did we get any negative response to a Obama speech that had little substance, no details but plenty of free wheeling spending, of course not, the media would never dare be negative to him, he is their choice. Now lets look at the governor, have they discussed the points he made in the speech, nope it’s all about his performance.

While people can agree he did not have the best performance is that what the focus should be? Should the focus not be on the content of the speech? Well not when the medias choice is being raked over the coals.

“A few weeks ago, the President warned that our nation is facing a crisis that he said ‘we may not be able to reverse.’ Our troubles are real, to be sure. But don’t let anyone tell you that we cannot recover — or that America’s best days are behind her.”

So the governor was right on target with his message throughout his speech so the MEDIA now needs to distract from that message and protect their golden boy.

This is what we saw them do to Sarah Palin and her message. She came out with a positive conservative message, family, God and responsibility and they found the most mundane things to focus on ignoring the strong message she was presenting. Now once again with Gov Jindal making points that are damaging to Obama the media is once again ignoring those issues, it scares them. They know they will need a miracle to get their guy reelected in 2012 so they are going to make sure the focus on personalities and not issues.


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