Giving the President Kudos

People are always saying I am too critical of the new president, that I have not given him a chance or credit for what he is trying to accomplish.

Today he was out trying to convince people his “stimulus” package is good idea. He was taking questions and a woman wanted to know why he gave a pass to Cabinet nominees with tax problems.

Now like typical liberals the audience booed and hissed her because she dare challenge the President, they too like so many expect people to give him a free ride.

While those who had OWS (Obama Worhsip Syndrome) tried to stifle free speech the president said,

“This is a perfectly legitimate question,” Obama said.

“First of all, I’ve appointed hundreds of people,” Obama said. “There are a couple who had problems before they came into my administration… I know them personally and I think these were honest mistakes.”

While I disagree with his “honest mistakes” part I give him credit for actually taking a question that was not a typical softball that he likes.


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