Is It About Wanting Failure

I was sent an email by a friend who is an enlightened liberal. In part of it he wrote to me

Well IMO, it really has all to do with the message Limbaugh and others like you are pounding us with. That message is to oppose anything and everything the Dems in congress and President Obama comes up with in an effort to turn things around. You would rather have us fail than be wrong.

And this is what is so typical of libs. You want people to just accept everything he does as perfect. You do not allow people to disagree because you believe everything he does is just.

Hopefully this sinks in. I DO NOT want him to fail. If they want a stimulus package to get the economy going fine give us a package that is not 65% not job creating pork. If you can’t do that I want the bill to fail. If you are going to create more social programs that are just like the current ones that are not working, then no I want it to fail, but if you are able to create programs that do more than just create more failure, I am all for it. If you are going to continue to fight our enemies I am all for it, if you are going to make concessions of any kind, I want you to fail.

Do you at all understand what I am saying here, It s NOT about wanting him to fail, it is about wanting what is best for my country and to have programs, plans and ideas that are NOT good failing.

I wish you liberals would understand what is being said instead of being so hysterical and unreasonable.

It would be nice if people like Pelosi and Reid would shut their mouths and open their ears for once and hear what is actually being said.

You cry about “business as usual’ but that’s really what you are advocating

If you don’t think what the dems are doing right now is NOT business as usual, you are even dimmer than the 15 watt bulb I have in the lamp next to me.


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