So This Is Reality

So how has it been going for the new president. He has supported a couple of tax cheats for his cabinet, while many in America struggle making day to day obligations. Let’s be honest the ONLY reason Daschle is not getting the job is because Obama has discovered that he is not going to get a free ride. He had to back down on this one, people were not going to tolerate this type behavior from the man who promised change.

SO how has the last few weeks been for him…

Appointees under investigation or tax cheats, Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer both lawbreakers who Obama approved for his cabinet. Bill Richardson under investigation had to drop out. One tax cheat did get approval but hey he is only in charge of the treasury so how much harm can this guy get into.

Then we had the porkbill that his people were to green to write so they trusted a far left loon from Wisconsin David Obey and that left coast nut Nancy Pelosi. They quickly tried to ram this package down the people throat, but as it became more and more public the people told them NO and Obama has now got to backtrack and admit that PORK is not what the people want. If these people want to pay off the people who they now owe a huge debt to for getting Obama elected, find another way to pay, but do not use the taxpayer as your personal bank account. One of the issues that the President had to back down from is going to piss off the union people who believe they own him because of the “hard” work in getting him elected. But he is not backing down because Americans are angry, nope, he is bowing to Europe and removed the BUY American clause. Screw you union workers, he has decided cheap labor over your jobs.

Then is image of Mr Nice Guy is melting away as polls showing that people now see him as arrogant. Once he no longer has the media to protect him to make him look good his faults come shining through.

Looking across the India is telling him to back off. They have said to him “barking up the wrong tree” if he seeks to broker a settlement between Pakistan and India over the disputed territory of Kashmir. Apparently his plan of world love is not going to be as receptive around the world as the people here feel for that song and dance in the election.

Then his decision to fund abortions in other countries has a 35% support rating. 44% agree with closing Gitmo and a new report came out today that 12 more that were released by the previous president because of pressure from the anti Gitmo crowd have returned to the battlefield.

booksBut he has learned one thing since being in office, when the heat kicks in and the press wants answers, go somewhere so you can’t be bothered by them and the beat goes on…………


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