We Need To Refocus

Now with the new administration in place there have been all kind of groups hoping to make an impact on the face of America. One of those groups are those who support illegal immigration in this country. They will tell you that the ICE raids are destructive and frightening to families and the laws need to be changed.

The raids would not be frighting if they were not breaking our laws.

A very simple statement above, but one that says it all. They are breaking our laws. We here that we need to work with Mexico to improve their lives there so they do not need to come here for jobs.

Mexico is not our problem.

I don’t think it could be any clearer, especially when so many in our own country are now hurting. But if you are really worried about the Mexican worker you can stop. I know of a auto parts plant in Mississippi that will be closing in two week and all of the jobs are going to Mexico. The lucky people at this plant even have the honor to train the very people who will be stealing their jobs. Thank goodness we bailed out the auto indusrty so jobs could be saved in Mexico.

So I say instead of worrying about Mexico and trying to make that a better place for the people we need to focus on our country, our people.

How about we put America first for once?


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