Joy Behar Is An Idiot

“Yes. And all I can say is thank you for Joe Biden, because he is going to always give us some laughs. He’ll say something crazy and out there, and it will be fun. And Sarah Palin, you know, we can always rely on her to come back and give us some material. But it is really not easy to make fun of the Obamas, because they’re really — they’re kind of really perfect, aren’t they?” — Joy Behar

It’s just amazing how people are just giving him a free pass! He has done NOTHING to earn all of this praise and glory. Maybe in a couple of years he will have, but to sit there and do what this far left loon and many like are doing is a huge disservice to this country and puts us all at great risk.

Joy stop drinking the kool-aid and get a grip on reality.


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