Sarah Palin and the Main Stream Media

You just have to laugh at the MSM in this country. They try and try to come across as unbiased and fair in their reporting. But then a little nugget like this comes along and all you can do is laugh at them.

Even today the MSM spends a lot of it’s time going after the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, it is funny to see them so afraid of one women. But it is understandable that when you have someone like Sarah, a successful women and a conservative, that the media and progressives would continue going after her.

But I digress, recently NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, reported that the Kennedy family was “furious,” at the way Carolyn was treated by New York Governor David Paterson. That was reporting, what is expected of the media, but being who she is she just had to add her own personal opinion into the story. Andrea felt that poor Carolyn’s treatment was “inexcusable.” She felt that they went after her on personal issues.

Isn’t that strange, when it comes to a Kennedy they liberal media is offended that anyone would look at their personal lives, but the last election and even today, their assault on Sarah Palin never comes into question.


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