Final Look

One day after President Obamas inauguration we take one more look at the day that was. For weeks the press was pumping his inauguration speech, saying it was going to be one for the ages, possible the best we have ever heard, while it was a good speech it was also a forgettable speech, but don’t worry the MSM will find a way to spin it into gold for all of us.

Children of the DNC

Children of the DNC

Then we had the display by the people who were there to cheer for their candidate and his voice of change and hope. His voice of putting aside petty differences, to come together as one for the country. Are not these people listening to him? What a sad and disgusting display by some of the people in the audience when former President George Bush appeared and the childish sang the Hey Hey Goodbye song. The signs of protest, the chants, just goes to show that even on a day that all America should be as one, these people have no interest in working together.

Finally, we had the obvious statement of the day from Chris “I feel a tingle” Matthews from the far left MSNBC Network when he gushed

“This is the network that has opened its heart to change — to change and its possibilities. Let’s be honest about it. These — these people watch this network out here.”

It’s great that he has finally admitted what all of us have known for a long time, MSNBC the network for the moonbats.

Disgraceful Behavior

Disgraceful Behavior


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