One More Time

There is a little group in Madison WI called the Freedom From Religion Foundation. They are always looking for ways to take religion out of the main stream and bring their intolerant lifestyle to the forefront. If you have ever heard the co-president of this fringe group Annie Laurie Gaylor speak, you would have to wonder how they ever get anything accomplished, not a real bright bulb there.

Well they are at it again in the state of Wisconsin. One student has complained that there is no school scheduled at the technical college he or she attends on Good Friday but yet had to attend school on MLK day. Most of Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges had class today, yet nearly 90 percent won’t have class on the Friday before Easter. This has put the Freedom From Religion Foundation taking action. Gaylord cites a 1996 court ruling declaring Good Friday a state holiday unconstitutional.

It amazes me that they get away with this time after time but this time the reason was not because of religion but because one day was not being recognized.

Just sad what people like Gaylord and her ilk are doing to a once proud country. Instead of working to get the MLH holiday recognized by the schools they will just find an excuse to attack religion one more time.


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