Domestic Terrorist

Last year the people of California voted on a issue that said traditional marriage between a man and women is the only acceptable form of marriage. Ever since then a group of radical extremist have been on a mission to destroy businesses and attacked the Mormon church because of this.

Well now this group of disturbed people have really cross the line. They have posted maps on line showing where people live who gave money to help defend traditional marriage. These maps clearly show the addresses of those who donated money to the Prop 8 cause (supporting traditional marriage), including even small donors who gave $50 or less.

Domestic Terroist

Domestic Terroist

These people behind the ads need to be treated as domestic terrorist. They have crossed the line and have now put innocent people in danger. Enough is enough, when is something going to be done to protect the rights of decent people in this country? Why are groups such as BASH BACK allowed to endanger peoples lives?


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