Sarah Palin Marches On

Once again the left wing in this country is having a major meltdown. While their choice for the next four years has not even taken office yet, they are working non stop to try and keep the White House in 2012, knowing that their current selection is only a one term president.

Youtube clip has sent all of the elite Obama media lapdogs into a tizzy. The far left blogs are having meltdowns and the haters of conservative values have all become bridge worthy.

What is this earth shattering event that has them all ready to explode, a little spitfire from Alaska, Sarah Palin. For very good reasons the left aere afraid of this women, the feminist hate her because she does not murder babies and did not need their skewed idealism to be successful. The MSM hate her because she does not bow to them like the expect and liberals hate her because she has morals, values and commitment to family, something very few liberals will ever display.

It is great that one person so can so disrupt a whole group of people, it;s even funnier to see how afraid they are of her. Just watch this poor sap from the OBAMA Network have a meltdown.


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