The Media Attacks Continue (Update 1/6)

*CNN in typical leftwing style put out a lie over the weekend and now that they got all of the traction they could from the story have removed Sarah Palin from the list. What a bunch of dummies at CNN. Did they think no one was going to pay attention to their fabricated story?*

You just have to love the liberal media in this country. They got their
boy elected to the White House with some of the most bias coverage that
anyone can remember for a candidate in a long time.

But yet the MSM continues to work for their candidate and have already
started to work on his re-election.

CNN last week showed how important it is in his next campaign, by bringing
out a hard hitting report Politicians Who Fell From Grace in 2008

They had eight people listed 6 were Democrats and two were Republicans.

1. Rod Blagojevich, trying to sell a senate seat.
2. John Edwards, wife cheating lowlife.
3. Kwame Kilpatrick, obstruction of justice.
4. Larry Langford, conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering and false income tax.
5. Tim Mahoney, multiple affairs.
6. Eliot Spitzer, hookers
7. Ted Stevens, false statements

So who made number eight on this wondrous reporting? The person who the MSM seems the most
threatened by. Even though the election has been over for several months now they continue
to discredit the one person in the past election who actually brought energy and hope to
the conservative party, Sarah Palin. So what has Sarah done that makes CNN THINK
she has fallen from grace, they clothes that were bought for and her family and ethic charges
that a state board concluded she violated NO ETHIC LAWS.

I guess when you feel threaten like the Obama media does by a women, you will stretch the truth
no matter how stupid it makes you look.

Nice job CNN!


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  1. Palin violated no ethics laws?

    That’s not what a bi-partisan group determined.

    But you already know that. Perhaps it’s time to get your nose out of Sarah Palin’s backside.

    Ever wonder where Track Palin got his oxycontin? Wouldn’t be from Bristol Palin’s soon-to-be mother-in-law, would it? Oh yeah… such a nice clean family.

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