How Insane Are Moonbats

There is a report out that President Bush will be the first president not to benefit from one former lifetime benefit: Secret Service protection.

“He’ll be the first one to receive it for 10 years,” said Malcolm Wiley, Secret Service spokesman. Congress changed the law in the 1990s so that any president elected after Jan. 1, 1997, and his or her spouse will receive the federal protection for only 10 years.

I was reading a moonbats blog today and this yahoo has the real reason behind it.


Don’t let them fool you. The reason that the Secret Service will no longer protect Bush in ten years is because they simply don’t like the little asshole.

There you go,not because of a policy change nope not at all. They are so blind with hate and rage that they are unable to actually have coherent and logical reasoning as part of their lives…..another magical memory for a disturbed moonbat…..


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