The Media

It’s amazing how transparent the media is these days in their bias when it comes to “covering” the news.

A few short months ago they were ripping into a lady who has excellent credentials when it came to political offices. But yet today they are all flush with excitement over the prospect of another Kennedy to worship. No matter she has less political experience than a community organizer or that when she speaks she sounds like, well you know, she has the savvy of a well you know, a country hick. I guess a good old fashion you know is just a bit more quaint then, you betcha.

But the real kicker of the experience, knowledge and what she will bring to DC for the people of New York can be summed up in this gem from Carolyn Kennedy Schlossberg:

Faced with reports that she had missed voting in several New York elections, Kennedy told The Associated Press, “I was really surprised and dismayed by my voting record. I’m glad it’s been brought to my attention.”

I am a bit confused, she needed a reporter to bring to her attention HER voting record? How does one NOT know their own voting record?

The media in this country will tell you that experience is a huge issue — unless a Kennedy is running, and that motherhood isn’t a qualification for office and smarts are important — unless a Kennedy is running.


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