A Look Into The Future

There are what I believe are nine factions in the conservative party.

Neoconservatives, National Greatness Conservatives, Traditional Values Conservatives, Evangelicals, Fiscal Conservatives, Libertarians, Buckleyites, RINOS, Paleoconservatives.

In my opinion the ones who are going to save the party are Traditional Values Conservatives, Fiscal Conservatives, Libertarians, Buckleyites and Paleoconservatives.

The Neocons and the Evangelicals have hurt the party so much in recent years and need to step aside and let the party return to true conservatism.

  • Traditional Values Conservatives – Social morals and breakdown of familes are a big issue for them with education being the top issue. Sarah Palin would be a strong candidate for them.
  • Fiscal Conservatives – Frugal business principles, tax and spend little, leave the marketplace free for enterprise. Mitt Romney in 2012 would be their choice.
  • Libertarians – return the government to what the Founding Fathers envinsioned or smaller.
  • Buckleyites – Main goal advance Goldwater and Reagan ideals.
  • Paleoconservatives- High tariffs to protect American jobs and stop the influx of illegal immigrants who are slowly changing our culture.

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