It’s About Time

Finally people are speaking up! It is time the Republicans return to their roots and stop trying to act like Democrats. We need to get people back in DC who are not going to spend, spend, spend. Who are not afraid to stand up and say ENOUGH! Recent years it seems that Republicans have forgotten their conservative roots and have allowed the Bluebloods of the party to have to much control.

“We can’t be a party of small government, free markets and low taxes while supporting bailouts and nationalizing industries, which lead to big government, socialism and high taxes at the expense of individual liberty and freedoms,” said Solomon Yue.

With the Obama administration soon coming to power America are going to need people in DC that can if not stop slow down the out of control spending we are going to see from the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Fiscal conservatives need to regain control and let the members in Congress that they cannot allow unregulated spending. They need to start right out of the gate and challeneg and type of “stimulus” package that the Democrat leadership brings to the table.

This country IS in an economic crisis and so far all of the billions that has been handed out HAS NOT made one bit of difference.

Now Obama and his ilk are talking about up to ONE TRILLION more TAXPAYER dollars, it’s time the American taxpayer is heard, it is time we say NO MORE BAILOUTS, it’s time for the politicians in Washington LEARN that WE DO NOT want BIG GOVERNMENT we want GOVERNMENT that listens to the people again.


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