Who Really Hurst Conservatives

A recent event shows why the conservative movement has trouble these days. It is not because of hate sites like daily kos or the democrap underground, I believe the problems arise from people like Underground Apologetics and James Dobson do more to drive wedges into the conservative movement that help it.

Recently a post regarding Glenn Beck’s book “The Christmas Sweater” was removed from James Dodson Focus on the Family website because someone from the the Underground Apologetics wrote:

“cult” and “false religion” and shouldn’t be promoted by a Christian ministry.

How sad and hateful. The ultra right wing of the Republican party that Dodson and his ilk belong to have cause a lot of damage in recent years to the conservative movement and to have something like this raises it’s ugly head especially this time of year is just disgusting.

This type of bigotry and intolernace can no longer be accepted by Conservatives and Republicans, we need to work together as one to ensure that in 2012 America is returned to the people, that we are able to bring God, Family and country back to the fore front, we cannot allow intolerant bigots like these to have a seat at the table.


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