Barney and Charm

There is not really a lot that I agree with Barney Franks…..ok I disagree with everything Barney Frank says, until today. Barney has seemed to step out of his far left fog he lives in and has actually said something that really made sense.

Barney Frank thinks that President-elect Obama “overestimates” his ability to unify people.

Frank, on MSNBC on Monday, said “But my one question is, I think he overestimates his ability to take people, particularly our colleagues on the right, and, sort of, charm them into being nice,” Frank said. “I know he talks about being post-partisan. But I’ve worked, frankly, with Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay, the current Republican leadership. The current Republican leadership in the House repudiated George Bush. I don’t know why Mr. Obama thinks he’s going to have them better than George Bush.

Its good to see that Barney understands that conservatives are not going to be fooled like so many progressives have been by this unprepared, inexperienced man who now is going to lead the greatest country in the world on his “charm.”

We had thought President Bush was going to bring conservatism back to the White House, we were wrong, but we already know that the next president has only one agenda, expanding government and making people more dependent on DC.


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