The Hate of Moonbats

It is amazing as one looks around the world of blogs the type of unbelievable cow dung you will find out there.

I have noted a few of the far left loon sites before but recently I came across a real gem. I had to bookmark it when I did because I really thought it was a joke site, but sadly these people actually are taking themselves seriously.

It is a site completely dedicated to discover who is the “real” mother of Trig Palin! That’s right a conspiracy site of “whose the momma.”

Today’s post caught my eye when they had this earth shattering announcement!

I heard from the Photoshop expert, and we should have an in depth report from him on 12/22. It will be published in full on the blog.

Hopefully they can get it before Overblown or Madcow get on the air tonight at pMSnbc, this kind of hard hitting journalism is right up their alley.

To get a feel of the people who are behind this hateful site and the people who post there, all you need to do is read some of the post, most done by anonymous people, guess I can understand why, I too would be ashamed of being associated with such a site.

Here is what you can expect when you read the comments.

despite the fact that many of us — including myself — consider ourselves feminists. and we all think obama is the messiah!

The Constitution of the United States protect our right to free speech, and the people at this blog are proof that you can have free speech no matter how despicable the subject or silly the content.

If you need a good laugh and want to see how hateful the “progressives” have proved to be, take a look at the blog Palin’s Deceptions, it is vile, hateful and panders to the lowest common denominator, feminist.


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