They Wonder Why They Are Dying

The New York Times has always been a paper that has pandered to a certain clientele. Earlier this year they refused to run a McCain’s op-ed, but now they have no problem running one from domestic terrorist Bill Aye.

John McCain’s pro-Iraq War op-ed was looked upon by the New York Times editorial page as unworthy of publication, but they had no problem with Barack Obama’s cut and run editorial for the paper just a week before. And now we have 1960s domestic terrorist and Barack Obama’s close friend Bill Ayers writing an op-ed for Saturday’s edition, “The Real Bill Ayers,” setting out his side of the story.

It’s one thing to pretend that you run a balanced news organization like MSNBC does, but to be so openly anti conservative and support the far left agenda like the New York Times does, it is only a matter of time that they will no longer be printing a daily edition. What are all those people going to do that need bird cage liners do, I guess they will have to switch to the LA Times.


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