Moonbats Not Free

Even with all of the bad news we have had lately with Obama setting up his cabinet there is good news out there. In Louisiana the crook in the Senate from there has finally been sent packing by the people. nine-term incumbent William Jefferson who has 16 counts of bribery, obstruction of justice, wire fraud, money laundering, and racketeering against his and oh yeah the $90,000 in cash that the FBI found in his freezer that he was never able to explain. Remember when this crook returned to the Senate after all the charges were leveled and the Dems actually gave him a standing ovation, just disgusting, but the Dems never meet a crook they did not respect. What is amazing about Anh “Joseph” Cao win is that only 11 percent of the residents in his district are registered as Republicans.

Then there is the news that Chris Matthews

He has signed to a long-term contract at ‘Hardball.’ Which is a plus for the American people as he will not run for the Senate probably now and force his far left agenda upon the good people of this country. Now he an just continue to rant and yell on little watch MSNBC the network of the far loons.

And finally it looks like Minnesota will not send the other moonbat Al Franken to DC.

BTW a big thank you to Georgia this week for not allowing the Dems to have a majority and free reign to run a muck against America the next two years.


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