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It really is amazing how hateful and actually ignorant the left in this country really is. They still are trying to attack Sarah Palin, even though their leader was selected in November. Sadly though it is not just Sarah but her son Trig and her daughter. For example read what was written at a far left blog recently called CAFFEINATED POLITICS.

How she felt labor pains while in the lower 48, had her water break, boarded a plane for an 11-hour flight to Alaska when any hospital is equipped to handle births, is just weird. Even for Sarah Palin. Why Palin waited for more than an a day to get to a hospital (her account of the story) makes many wonder just what happened in Palin Land. Was she ever was pregnant with this child? And if not her, then where did it come from? Her daughter?

This was obviously written by someone who has never been able to partake in the birth of child? For those of us who have we understand that it’s not a 5 minute event and then back to the flower shop.

But what is even sadder then his lack of understanding of the beauty of life, is what is really behind such a sad and shallow statement, his hate for Sarah Palin. This is something we have come to see as the norm for many so called progressive blogs

You guys want a real mystery to deal with, why has your messiah never produced a birth certificate?


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