The Left Melt Down Continues

Looking around the world of the mentally ill, leftwing blogs, I found these two gems.

Dipshit #1 Blog – Immoral Minority

Keith does not pull any punches and helps to remind Alaskans, and the rest of the country, that this woman has not done a lick of work as Governor since the John McCain Presidential campaign drove off a cliff in November. My question is who is paying for all of this cross country travel as Palin gallivants across the country laying the foundation for the ridiculous notion that she will actually be the Republican nominee in 2012?

Lets see, Overblown is all upset accusing her of not working since the election, but he had no problem with the chosen one being away for two years from his Senate seat as he ran for office. And if the dipshit who writes the blog had even a small amount of brain he would know her trip there was sponsored by the Republican Party. But that means he would have to actually do a little work and not just rely on the hate mongers from BSNBC for his talking points.

DIPSHIT #2 Blog – Palin’s Deceptions
This mental giant is still going after the “she is not the mother conspiracy”.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my very hard working research assistants has uncovered a piece of evidence which may well turn out to be the final nail in the coffin. I believe it demonstrates conclusively that Gov. Sarah Palin was never pregnant.

Slugs like this are disgusting human beings. To still go after this story is nothing more than hateful and shows the type of lowlife that reside within the far left of a party that has lost its decency ever since the freaks like George Soros, Keith Overblown, Chris Matthews and other haters have over run the party.


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  1. You know, I have to tell you, I really enjoy this blog and the insight from everyone who participates. I find it to be refreshing and very informative. I wish there were more blogs like it. Anyway, I felt it was about time I posted, Ive spent most of my time here just lurking and reading, but today for some reason I just felt compelled to say this.

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