The Intolerant Left

It is amazing how the left rant about tolerance. But yet when it comes to tolerance and free speech they are the farthest group who believe in it.

For example there is a blog called Coffee Politics or some silly name like that. The person who writes believes he has some kind of insight that many of us would never be able to understand. His post are either a hate rant against conservatism or some touchy feeling gibberish about flowers or end tables, sort of tells you what kind of mans man the author is.

Today he once again showed how intolerant the far left actually are. He made a post the other day comparing President Bush to al qeda. That was no big deal because the mentally challenged progressives have been doing this kind of hate comparison for a number of years. Of course the little mindbots who read his blog who are unable to think for themselves rush forward pat him on the back and congratulate his hate as a voice for the people. (Reading the blog you never know if it is actually written in Madison WI or Moscow Russia, both cities are interchangeable.)

So as the lone conservative who would go to his blog I commented on his hate and mentioned how so many of America see his new messiah as a mirror image of Hugo Chavez, or Karl Marx and we believe that is the direction he will eventually take our country.

But what really pissed of this free speech hating so called American was the comment, well lets use his own words for this knee slapper:

“This time he likened Barack Obama to the leader of North Korea! So there will be no more comments from notalib on this site.”

Thats is folks! A far left loon compares the President to AL Qeda and he is proud of it, I compare Obama to another Marxist and he bans me.

This is what the far left is looking to do the next four year’s shutting down anyone who disagrees with their immorality and what they want to do to my America. They are going to try very hard to shut down free speech we as Americans cannot allow them to even think we are going to accept that.


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  1. I have just had my account suspended on another News Social network site, simply for posting my support for the BNP (British National Party).

    Apparently it is on the site’s list of “Banned” websites.

    Free Speech? You must be joking.

  2. Dude you got to come to the blog. Come back as “Sonofanotalib” or “notalibscousin”. Something like that. I just had a stupid argument with him about Mormons and Prop 8. Deke basically says that the Mormons asked for the violence from the Gays because of and I quote “the Mormons undermined them”.

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