It’s So Strange

You read so often on the liberal blogs that women don’t care for Sarah. I believe its not that women don’t care for her, its that womyn don’t care for her. The ones who do not believe that life begins at conception. The ones who find babies a annoyance, I am sure you know a few of them.

Something else that has cracked me up in the last week. Until ONE REPORT on FOX NEWS, they left spent as much time bashing and trying to discredit them as they did George Bush. But now all of the sudden are quoting it as if it’s an old friend pointing to false statements that have been proven false, but yet they state them as facts over and over again.

Finally they say she caused John McCain votes. The only person who cost John McCain votes was John McCain, he tired to appease too many on the left. As a conservative we understand that there is no middle ground in dealing with the left. The blueblood conservatives in this party are on the outside looking in, if they want progressive values they best jump on the Barack Ah-ah-ahbama bandwagon, they are never going to find it within my party.


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  1. Son of Bill Brasky

    I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary on the statements made about Sarah Palin. She showed on a very public stage to lack knowledge on a variety of subjects (geography included).

    Calling people “jerks” doesn’t make it untrue.

    If I were a conservative.. I would look for another candidate. Preferably one who could score over a 1000 on an SAT.

  2. you’re an asshole and know nothing about women.

  3. I guess I’ll be the one to burst your bubble. I am a woman. I am pro-life. AND I didn’t take to Ms. Palin.

  4. Wendy, thank you for that compliment. Coming from such an accomplished womyn I am honored.And Jenny I don’t think there is a chance on Gods Green Earth you would ever vote for a conservative. But I wonder are you really Pro Life or Pro Choice, you know the type you would never kill a baby but do not disagree with another womyns right to do it.

  5. I get the feeling you like to put people in boxes. . Time to smash another bubble. I have voted for republicans in the past. I voted for a few this election as well. I have never voted straight party ticket in my life. Furthermore, I will continue to vote as I please in the future. And your wondering if I am “really Pro Life or Pro Choice” is ridiculous. If I did not disagree with the concept of another woman having an abortion, that would be called “pro-choice”, would it not?

  6. Jenny fair enough and I apologize to you for my inaccurate assumptions about you.

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