This Is Change?

Now that B O has won the White House it is time to surround him with people to make sure his agenda is meet. Two names that have already come out that will show you what kind of administration we can expect are Rep. Rahm Emanuel for chief of staff and Robert Kennedy Jr for head of the EPA. They are both players in the far left cult of the Democrat party.

The people in the states that rely on coal fields for jobs and survival now can see the mistake they have made electing B O. He once said he will destroy the coal industry and with Kennedy in charge of the EPA he has his hit man to do the job for him.

It is amazing that they are willing to destroy peoples jobs, and lives in this country, don’t even seem to care what will happen to the people in the coal mining areas.

But yet Joe ‘not in my backyard’ Kennedy embraces the man who provides “free” oil to certain parts of the country, the northeast.

Mass. Red Bill Delahunt (D) says of the person who does this ” he is an excellent friend.”

B O said he would meet with him no strings attached.

This popular figure with Democrats once said, “The United States empire is on the way down and it will be finished in the near future, for the good of all mankind. Go to hell, gringos!”

Who is this man they all love, Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez.

So while they plan the destruction of our coal industry, they continue the transition from the free market economy America is based on to the socialist life they really want for America.

US POPULATION 305,586,831
25% under 18 so that means there were 229,190,123 eligible to vote
B O got 63,909,365 popular votes which means that 165,280,758 do not agree with his socialist agenda.


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  1. Mining is an important provider for employment in this nation and a valuable source of domestically produced energy. However, your presentation is overly simplistic. Coal is ultimately a finite source of energy; the employment rates of miners originally took a dive when strip mining in particular became a more common practice. The pros of strip mining (aka blowing the top off a mountain) include speedier production (making coal cheaper and reducing our immediate dependence of a portion of foreign produced energy supplies), less labor force (therefore being more cost effective) and less injuries. The cons include grand scale species and habitat destruction (thereby reducing hunting game and harvest timber) and massive erosion (destroying streams, topsoil, and many other things in its path). I believe an old (several years ago) issue of Reader’s Digest contained the story of a woman who’s well water was poisoned, stream buried and land washed away due to strip mining up the mountain from where she lived.
    Here’s another person’s story:
    So, we know we need BALANCE. We rely on nature’s energy stores but we need to bring in that harvest in a responsible manner. Yay for clean coal technology but that only deals with burning at a higher temperature to reduce (not eliminate) toxic emissions. While we need to continue with the finite energy sources we have to bridge the gap to renewable energy, we also need to focus on the future of wind, hydro and solar. For example, where I live, my energy is only 2% renewable sources. I say that is a problem and the solution could easily create work. Windmills need manufacturing and maintenance as do all other collection and storage devices.

    As far as your math….non-voters could be counted either way. SO you could say more were not agreeing with McCain than not agreeing with Obama. I call it misleading people when stated either way. All those people could have voted by absentee ballot or walking to the polls. They chose to be silent. As my parents always told me: “You chose not to vote, you also give up your right to complain.”

    Keep thinking notalib, but think with both eyes open.

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