I Hope

While I am not happy about the election of Barack Obama, he is my president for the next four years. While I am sure I am going to agree on very little what he and the Pelosi congress are going to do, I will respect the office and give him the chance to prove to me he was the right man for this job at this time.

I hope he follows through with his tax cuts for the middle class. I hope he does not force a national health plan upon us. I hope he will address the problem with our southern border. I hope he addresses the issue of all of the illegals here now, not amnesty but give those who have familes, jobs and would not add more strain on our over taxed society a chance to become legal. I hope he contiues our fight against terrorism, do not weaken what we have accomplished. I hope he can bring us back into positive light with the rest of the world without granting concessions to countries who have shown they do not respect America.

I know America is going to have a new look after four years, hopefully for the most part positive. I hope I can say four years from now I was wrong about Barack Obama.


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  1. You will say you were wrong and this will explain why:


    The planet, your country, are safe in his hands.

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