Think Public Schools Don’t Have A Problem

Everyone knows how public schools like to blow their own horn when it comes to PR. Like they are all inclusive, they teach tolerance and acceptance. They teach how to get along with those who may be looked upon as different.

For example, recently during a celebration of National Ally Week, Tara Miller, a teacher at the Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Science in Hayward, Calif., passed out cards produced by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network to her class of kindergartners. The cards asked signers to be “an ally” and to pledge to “not use anti-LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) language or slurs; intervene, when I feel I can, in situations where others are using anti-LGBT language or harassing other students and actively support safer schools efforts.”

While I don’t think that was an age appropriate thing to do, it’s what we find as typical idealism and agenda that is so prevalent in public schools.

However, it looks like teachers don’t really practice what they preach. In North Dakota, North Dakota’s new Teacher of the Year was barred from a reception held to honor top teachers because she declined to join the North Dakota Education Association.

WOW! They preach tolerance and acceptance, until it involves their union and then they resort back to the hate and bigotry so often found with union members.

So next time your child is forced to attend one of the public school indoctrination programs of acceptance, keep in mind that the teachers putting it on are hypocrites.

The union people wonder why so many look down on them.


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