Dog and Pony Show

Well again we are getting the usual dog and pony show in DC. Angry congressman telling executives how evil they are and how the American people are being hurt by them. The executes sitting there looking uncaring. Did we not  just see this a few months ago when these same pinheads in DC did the same show with oil executives?

Just like before they will have these hearings and nothing will change. Lets be honest here, the men who are sitting before congress are the ones who contribute huge amount of money to them, the congressman are not going to rock that boat. So while the cameras roll they look like the actually have a concern for the voter, the taxpayer, the people they pretend to represent. But then the all walk out of the room and the back slapping and see you at the next party bs starts again.

This campaign season we have two candidate talking about change. What we really need to hear is that the American people are looking for change. That change is reform in DC. We need to get the current batch of do nothings out of Washington. We need to establish term limits. We need to stop allowing free wheeling spending on campaigns. This country has gone into the crapper and while one side will say it was 8 years of Bush and the other side says its because of the do nothing congress the last two years, it really comes down to the fact that the people we are electing to represent us, are not, they are looking out for their best interest and the best interest of the big money that they love.

Don’t be fooled by what they are doing in DC with these hearings, it means nothing.


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