Of Course It’s Racism

Rep. Barney Frank said Monday that Republican criticism of Democrats over the nation’s housing crisis is a veiled attack on the poor that’s racially motivated.  The Democrats have taken none of the blame for this mess, even though they have been in charge for two years and that Barney Franks insisted that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in good shape. Five years ago, when the Bush administration proposed much tighter regulation of the two companies, Frank was adamant that “these two entities, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are not facing any kind of financial crisis.” When the White House warned of “systemic risk for our financial system” unless the mortgage giants were curbed, Frank complained that the administration was more concerned about financial safety than about housing.

Do Democrats ever tire of using the race card. People don’t want to vote for Obama, it’s because they are racist. People disagree with affirmative action, they are racist. People want voter ID, they are racist.

And now the people who are upset with the current financial mess, well they are racist.

Do these people not understand how foolish they look? Never mind, no need to answer that obvious question. It’s time that they stop playing the race card on the left when they are challenged or people disagree with them. Maybe they really need to look at why all of their ideas are challenged, maybe they need to look within their own party and see the failures that America is so sick of dealing with.

Of course though that is never going to happen, they will just keep using the victim card to get what they want and the MSM in this country will play right along with them without challenging any of their ideas and failures.


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