Chad and The Magic Flyer

Once again Chad Fradette stumbles in his bid to defeat Dave Hanson and the poor mans Rush, Jerry Bader leaps in to defend Chad and gives him a chance to once again rip on the Catholic Church.

We all know that Chad is a man of stunts. His illegal immigrant issue was only a stunt to list on his campaign brochure. His stunt with the Nativity Scene was nothing more than politically motivated and will cost the tax payers of Green Bay money.

Now on Sept. 10th he drew attention to himself again when he passed out a flyer at St Bernard Church during Bishop David Ricken’s regional Mass. No one would have paid a lot of attention to it, however, Chad decided he was going to included what appears as a mock front-page cover of The Compass with Hansen’s photograph and the word “LIAR” in a circular frame.  Apparently the logo was used without permission.

Of course poor Chad was insulted that this editorial was written, so good ol’ Jerry on Wednesday of this week “reads” a letter from a “parishioner” of St. Bernard’s who stated these type of flyer’s are passed out all the time at the church parking lot, this may or may not be true. But Jerry decided that one persons letter was enough for him to go after the Church and complain who mean spirited they are for going after his buddy. Of course Jerry would not read the “author” of the letter, so we can only assume he was a member of Fradettes campaign spinning this erroneous message.

The issue as I see it is not that the flyer was passed out, the issue is what the flyer stated and what it tried to imply.

Maybe Jerry Bader instead of once again trying to spin Chads problems into a positive should step back and look at what the editorial actually said in the Compass and stop trying to make the Church the evil one again like he is so good at doing.


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