Is The End Near?

We have seen how America has embraced Sarah Palin since entering the race. How they have responded to an true Washington outsider and a real change for change.

The Dems are desperate, the Obama train pulled into a train station and really has not been able to leave since. His campaign has many Democrats worried that he is no longer able to stand up to the pressure of the campaign, they are standing by watching his campaign collapse daily.

Today we saw two interesting stories and one has to wonder, will they pull a major stunt just a few short weeks before the election?

Today Obama was on the Today show and was ripping on John McCain for bing against the AIG buyout before he supported it. “What has been clear during this entire past ten days is John McCain has not had clarity and a grasp on the situation.” But then Matt Lauer pointed out, scarcely three minutes after McCain said he opposed the AIG bailout last week, “in an interview with Meredith Vieira, Joe Biden, your running mate was asked the exact same question, ‘should the federal government bailout AIG?’ And he said, ‘No, the federal government should not bailout AIG.'”

How did Obama respond, “And I think that in that situation,” Obama said, “I think Joe should have waited as well.”

Then Joe Biden ripped on his own campaign for the disgusting ad they had put out. The Delaware Senator took issue with an attack ad from his own side telling Katie Couric that the Obama hit on McCain’s ignorance of computers and technology was “terrible.” The ad paints McCain as out of touch — and all but calls him ancient — but doesn’t mention that the Arizona Senator’s war injuries actually prevent him from using computers for an extended period. Asked whether he’s disappointed with the tone of the campaign, including the ad that Couric characterized as “making fun of John McCain’s inability to use a computer,” Biden said “I thought that was terrible by the way. “I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it”

Is this the end of the Obama/Biden ticket? Are they going to put someone in his place that will try and offset Sarah Palins popularity?


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