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Nancy Pelosi like so many politicians in DC forget how they got there and why they are there. Let me remind all of them.

  • The PEOPLE are the ones who have sent you to Washington DC
  • You are in Washington DC to represent those people

That simply means you are suppose to be doing what the people back home are asking you to do, not to be in DC for your personal agenda or the agenda of special interest groups who give $$$ for your elections.

Sadly though once elected the majority forget about the people back home until the next election cycle.

Recently we have seen this very scenario playing out in DC as Nancy Pelosi has REFUSED to allow a vote to be taken for the expansion of oil exploration. She has decided by herself that she is going to hold Americans at hostage with high gas prices. You ask but why would she be doing this, very simple it is election year politics, the Democrats are hoping to hold gas prices high so Americans continue to struggle between paying bills, feeding their families and trying to put gas into their vehicles so they can get to the jobs. They feel as more Americans are hurting it bodes well for them in November. They think Barack will become president and they will hold both the House and Senate so then they can push through their “green” agenda , an agenda that they talk about but never offer any real solutions, just that magical word of “change”.

But it looks like Pelosi’s plan is going to fail, it looks like the fact that 70% of Americans what expansion is going to force her to once again cave in and allow a vote to be taken.

Since she has taken over as majority leader, the Congress has become a laughing stock of political stunts by her party and do nothing actions by both. She has learned something here, sadly it will not retain it, the PEOPLE are the ones who hold the REAL power and everyone in DC best wake up that the PEOPLE are tired of being ignored.


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