Idiot Packer Fans

Well they pretend to be Packer fans, but in reality they just have one huge man crush.

HEY DUMMIES this is NOT Aarons fault and for you morons to act like this BRAIN DEAD BOZO is a DISGRACE

“Either way, the heckler Friday stood out because it was one lone voice at full throat for a long time. At an otherwise relatively quiet practice it was impossible for Rodgers and backup quarterbacks Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn not to hear him occasionally”

Why did not someone just pop this big mouth in the face? Why did Packer fans allow this jerk to do this? Its time YOU IDIOT who THINK you are a PACKER fan to either WAKE UP, GROW UP and start acting like ADULTS. Its not his fault what management did, it is not his fault what Farve did, GROW THE F*** UP.

If I am ever at practice and one of you morons start up, I am not just going to sit there and listen to your IGNORANCE, I will be in your face dealing with your stupidity.


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