They Can’t Deny It

With recent events there is no way that the main stream media cannot deny that they have a very liberal slant.

What brings me to this conclusion, a couple of recent happenings. A few weeks ago John McCain went to the Middle East, including a stop in Iraq. How many BIG THREE tv news anchors attended him on this journey. Very easy answer there ZERO. Now we have the media event of this month Obama world wind tour of Europe and the Middle East and the networks are falling all over themselves covering this as some type if major news event, when in actuality it is nothing more than campaign photo ops to try and make a man who has spent less than 200 days in the working Senate and with no foreign diplomatic knowledge as a world leader.Do you really feel comfortable with a man who is using a media event to establish his foreign policies?

Now today the most liberal paper in America, the New York Times, has announced that it was thrilled to publish Obama’s piece last week but will refuse to publish John McCain because it does not care for the stand it took. They would be happy to publish it if it was more like Obamas.

Absolutely disgusting that the main stream Media is not covering news any longer but just giving their opinions and agenda as news.

SO the next time some liberal says there is no such thing as bias reporting in this country, just shake your head and walk away, you will never convince people who cannot see past the end of their own noses.


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  1. Turns out that j.sidney didn’t invite any journalists along with him. Kinda like many of his most recent closed door fund raisers where the local press is excluded. One less senior moment or off color joke to be caught on tape for the maverick.

  2. The Times said they would publish Mccain’s piece if he just gave a definition for victory in Iraq. Pretty reasonable, if you ask me.

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